"My in-depth job experience and extensive background in packaging gives me ability and skill to answer complicated packaging problems. My skills and design talent allows me to produce work and meet deadlines."

“As project manager, I will listen and define what is expected."

About Us. Innovation. Perseverance. Initiatives.

I founded Unicorn Designs as a moonlighter, working the business model as a secondary job. I identified a glamourous company that I wanted as a customer and needed to take to the next level with a durable product design innovation that I would sell for years. I became the inventer and maker of front bumper strips for BMW cars registered in the USA states and Canada provinces that didn't require a front license plate. I contacted BMW in Montvale, NJ and convinced a need to make the bumper filler car part available for the 65% of BMW's sold- registered in USA states without a front license plate. I commercialized (4) bumper plate delete filler strips. These were my first mockups.

Unicorn Designs continued on.

Designing as a creative packaging structural designer became my career focus and I came to invent 15 US patents concentrating on retail packaging for Fortune 500 and boutique firms. I developed and project managed 100's of structural design initiatives, mechanical packaging line trials, artwork and company logo design as a graphic artist and business entrepreneur embracing ArtiosCAD and Adobe CS programs.

In 1986, I mastered the concept and production of packaging mock ups while employed at the Klearfold company in Warrington. PA. Printed packaging mock ups for a luxury division of Sara Lee became a game changer. The retailer buyer found printed mock ups as the best way to increase merchandise selling.

In 2012, I started full-time designing, selling, and contracting for Unicorn Designs. I offer short lead-times, attractive pricing and project management. I provide packaging structural design using CAD and their associated packaging graphic templates for art preparation and including box construction and retail specialties. I offer premium printed and plain mock ups, unique structural design for paperboard and plastic retail specialties.